PET 123


Do I have to do a PET1 before doing PET2?

We recommend that you do the PET1 course before attending the PET2 course to ensure that there is a common level of knowledge at the PET2 course.  The content of PET2 is more challenging than PET1.

What's the difference between PET2 and PET3?

PET2 concentrates on general aspects of the epilepsies (history taking, differential diagnosis, investigation etc) and on epilepsies encountered in babies and younger children. PET3 concentrate on epilepsies presenting in mid childhood, older children and adolescents.  As a Consultant Paediatrician managing children epilepsy, we recommend you attend both courses.

PET2 was quite challenging, is PET3 more difficult?

PET2 and PET3 are at a similar level, the content of PET3 is not more difficult than PET2, it just concentrates on older children and adolescents.

I did the PET courses a few years ago, should I do them again?

The BPNA recommends that those managing children with epilepsy should reattend PET2 and PET3 every 5 years.

I have booked onto one course but it isn’t convenient for me to attend now. Can I transfer?

Yes, up to one month before the date of the course we will transfer your course fees to another course less a £25 administration fee. Please ring Leanne Broadley on 01204 526002 or email

Will I get CPD points?

Yes. PET1 = 6 points, PET2 = 12 points, PET3 = 12 points.

Is there an exam at the courses?


Will there be a course in my area?

We aim to arrange a PET1 course in each region every 18 months or so.

We aim to arrange six PET2 and PET3 courses around the UK each year.

What's happened to the EEG course?

We no longer run the EEG course.  Content from this course is currently being amalgamated into the PET courses as they are updated in 2018.

I'm a Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, is there a course suitable for me?

International Expert to Expert: Epilepsy is a 2-day course is especially for you. We hold the course every other year. The next course will be in the Autumn 2019.  CLICK HERE for further information about this course and to download the 2017 programme.  We welcome child neurologists worldwide to join this meeting.