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NeoNATE Birmingham, 12-13 October 2017

Course Duration: 2-days
Cost: GBP:385.00
Reduced Cost: GBP:340.00

Total Course Places: 48 (0 standard places currently available; 0 reduced rate places available)
CPD Points: 12. You will be able to download a pdf of your CPD certificate following attendance at the course
Pre course reading will be available to download after completing your booking

The British Paediatric Neurology Association with Consultant Neonatologist colleagues, have developed a new 2-day course: "Neonatal Neurology Assessment and Treatment Education" (NeoNATE). The aim is to improve neonatal neurological education and therefore improve the diagnosis and management of neonates with neurological disorders.

The course will allow discussion of common neonatal neurological topics, such as hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy and preterm brain injury, alongside other presentations, such as the floppy and stiff baby. We also will review practical skills, like amplitude integrated electroencephalography (EEG) interpretation and the neonatal neurological examination.

This 2-day course has a variety of educational formats including a mixture of didactic teaching sessions and small group workshops, with opportunities to discuss interesting topics with an experienced panel. The involvement of a multidisciplinary faculty helps to ensure a broad range of topics and experiences are covered at an appropriate level.


Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport
Coventry Road
B26 3QW

Website: https://www.ihg.com/holidayinn/hotels/gb/en/birmingham/bhxap/hoteldetail

Telephone: 0121 780 6700

Car parking: Complimentary car parking is available on a first come, first served basis at the hotel.

Public transport: Birmingham International train station/airport a 10 min walk away. Hotel runs a complimentary 24-hour shuttle bus to/from the NEC & International train station. PLEASE CALL +44 121 780 6700 to reserve. Birmingham New Street has regular trains to Birming


Accommodation is available on a single occupancy, bed & breakfast basis at the Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport Hotel.

B&B per night: GBP:129.00

Accommodation is available for the night before the course (11-Oct-2017). Please note registration is from 9.00am. Accommodation is also avaliable for 12-Oct-2017.

Accommodation address:
Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport
Coventry Road
B26 3QW

Telephone: 0121 780 6700

Website: https://www.ihg.com/holidayinn/hotels/gb/en/birmingham/bhxap/hoteldetail


The faculty would be pleased if you could join them for the course dinner at the hotel on Thursday 12 October which includes a 3 course meal with wine or soft drinks.

Course dinner cost: GBP:36.00


The aim of this course is to improve neonatal neurological education and therefore improve the diagnosis and management of neonates with neurological disorders.

By the end of the NeoNATE course, participants will be able to:

  • Know how to perform a neonatal neurological examination
  • Recognise seizure from non-seizure movement
  • Consider the advantages and disadvantages of amplitude integrated EEG (cerebral function monitoring) and standard EEG
  • Know how to interpret basic amplitude integrated EEG traces and EEG reports
  • Demonstrate how to order a standard EEG effectively
  • Understand what encephalopathy is, how to assess and grade its severity
  • Look for clues for hypoxic and other causes of encephalopathy
  • Understand current thinking on neuroprotection in hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy
  • Recognise common MRI features in encephalopathy
  • Know the causes of seizures that are not related to hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy, including seizure syndromes seen in neonates
  • Understand current treatment options for neonatal seizures
  • Know the presentation of neonatal stroke and long term prognosis
  • Assess a floppy and stiff neonate and decide on the anatomical locality of the abnormality
  • Review the limitations of prognosis in the antenatal clinic
  • Understand currently thinking on the causes of preterm brain injury
  • Improve knowledge of long term prognosis of preterm brain injury
  • Feel more confident in providing prognostic information to families on the neonatal unit
  • Know when to ask for help from other specialities


DAY 1 

Session   Type 
 09.00-09.30  Registration & refreshments  
 09.30-09.35  Welcome  Whole group
 09.35-09.45  Spot the seizure quiz!  Lecture
 09.45-10.05  What is a seizure?  Lecture
 10.05-10.45  Neonatal EEG and aEEG  Lecture
 10.45-11.15  Neonatal EEG and aEEG  Workshop
 11.15-11.30  Tea & coffee break  
 11.30-12.10  Neonatal neurological examination  Lecture
 12.10-12.50  Neonatal encephalopathy ... what is it and what are the causes?  Lecture
 12.50-13.40  Lunch  
 13.40-14.20  Causes of neonatal encephalopathy  Workshop
 14.20-15.00  Other causes of seizures, the vitamins, and the epilepsy syndromes  Lecture
 15.00-15.15  Tea & coffee break  
 15.15-15.55  Neuroprotection  Workshop
 15.55-16.35  Seizure treatments  Workshop
 16.35-17.10  Perinatal Arterial Ischaemic Stroke (PAIS) and sinus venous thrombosis  Lecture
 17.10-17.15  Questions and closing remarks  Whole group
 19.30  Course dinner in hotel restaurant for those who have booked  


 09.00-09.30  Tea & coffee  
 09.30-09.35  Welcome and brief recap on day 1  Lecture
 09.35-10.30  Approach to the floppy and the stiff baby  Lecture
 10.30-11.00  The floppy infant  Workshop
 11.00-11.15  Tea & coffee break  
 11.15-12.00  Development abnormalities of the CNS and spinal cord - how they relate to fetal and neonatal brain abnormalities  Lecture
 12.00-12.30  Myelomeningocele  Workshop
 12.30-13.30  Lunch  
 13.30-14.10  Brain injury resulting from preterm birth  Lecture
 14.10-14.40  Protecting the preterm birth  Workshop
 14.40-14.55  Tea & coffee break  
 14.55-15.25  Long-term outcome after preterm birth  Lecture
 15.25-15.30  Workshop round robin - attendees regroup  

 What is the cause?  What is the prognosis?  Talking to families
 1. The case of the baby born too early
 2. The case of the baby who didn't wake up
 3. The case of the baby who fitted
 4. The case of the baby who didn't breathe

 15.50-16.10  Change groups  Workshop
 16.10-16.30  Change groups  Workshop
 16.30-16.50  Change groups  Workshop
 16.50-17.00  Concluding remarks, certificates and departure  Whole group



This course has been developed for:

  • Consultant Neonatologists and neonatal grid trainees
  • Consultant Paediatric Neurologists and neurology grid trainees
  • Consultant Paediatricians who provide neonatology services in DGHs and paediatric trainees
  • Advanced neonatal nurse practitioners / nurse consultants


Comments from the first NeoNATE course held in Sheffield, July 2014:

“Wonderful course! Thank you.  Nice balance between revision, new knowledge and clinical application.  Particularly enjoyed testing knowledge in workshops.” - ANNP

“Would highly recommend this course. Many thanks.” Consultant Neonatologist

“Was good to have opportunity to talk and learn with neurologists.  Approach great - about principles of approach rather than giving definite answers. Thank you! Some was new but discussion really helpful.” - Consultant Neonatologist

“Very nicely organised, clinically relevant.  Loved the way nicely focussed and basic and elaborate.  Met aims and objectives nicely.  I would strongly recommend to my colleagues. I've definitely learnt a lot in this course.” - Consultant Paediatrician

“Learnt loads. Very good pre course, really enjoyed it.  Flow diagrams fab.” - ST5

"Very well organised".  Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks!" - ANNP

"Workshops / practical tips were most useful part of the course.  It is great to hear about personal experience and exchange ideas. Overall: great course." - Neonatal grid trainee

"Really interesting and very useful.  Practical workshops were very good.  Well organised course.  Venue was excellent." - ST8 Paediatric registrar, special interest neonates

"Excellent course" - Consultant Paediatric Neurologist


 Download course competencies


Neonatal Neurology (NeoNATE)
NeoNATE Birmingham, 12-13 October 2017

Course Duration: 2-days
Cost: GBP 385.00
Reduced Cost: GBP 340.00 for Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioners only